Selling Property.

Now That You’ve Sold!

Now that there is a contract of sale on your property, you need to arrange a number of items:

1.  Contact your solicitor to advise them that you have signed a Contract of Sale and also advise them who holds the mortgage on the property. Our office administration will forward a copy of the Contract to your solicitor.

2.  Contact the mortgagee and provide them with a copy of the Contract of Sale.

Once the Contract of Sale Becomes Un-Conditional

3.  You will have to make an appointment with the mortgagee to sign all the release documentaion for the mortgage.

4.  If there is no mortgage, and you have an original Certificate of Title or Deed for the property. this will have to be handed to your solicitor. If there is no mortgage, check that the release fee has been paid to the mortgagee and the Title cleared.

5.  Advise your insurance company that you have sold the property – you may be entitled to a rebate on the insurance.

If you have any further questions regarding the sales process, please don’t hesitate to call us on 07 4032 0411, our friendly and professional staff are ready to help!